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Kristi is a consummate professional. She really knows her stuff! She is completely informed & up-to-date re: fitness, body mechanics, nutrition, and total well-being.  I have worked with her in private, semi-private and group settings, and she is a marvelous trainer. Dedicated, reliable, trustworthy. Kristi is encouraging and understanding re: individual preferences/restrictions (post-surgery, etc.)  Plus, she is sweet and a lot of fun, too! 
- Katherine K.

Kristi's got the perfect balance of being a great cheerleader and a knowledgeable trainer!  I've never felt so good after a workout as I do with her.  She really varies it and if there's something I really am too weak to do she mixes it up so that I still can.  I whine, moan, and groan and yet she showers me with positive reinforcement: "You're so much stronger than last time" and "You've got great form".  I have become noticeably stronger in only a few weeks, improving my posture, my form in yoga, and general well-being.  Thank you Kristi! 
- Elena S.

Kristi Major is a fantastic personal trainer. She managers to walk the delicate line between working you hard enough that you get a very good work out and not so hard that you can't continue with your work day afterwards. I don't belong to a gym, but she uses the area around my house to help give me a burn that rivals any in a gym setting. She leads me through a work out using light weights, climbing stairs, doing push ups, squats, lunges, presses and other exercises. Each time we work together she tailors the work out to which muscle groups i specifically need to address for my sport-intensive life. Each year before the start of the skiing season she begins to get me in shape by building my leg and core muscles. When I need to be leaner for long distance biking we work on raising my heart rate and muscle groups appropriate to that activity. Which muscles do I need to dance, to dive, to hike, to snowboard, to swim? She knows what to work out to make everything else work better.Also, I work from home and it's fantastic that she will meet me here between my own appointments. It allows me to keep my day rolling and still get a challenging work out in the midst of it all.
- Marianna F.

Kristi combines extensive knowledge of muscle groups, nutrition, and movement with a wonderful energy, efficiency and sense of humor.  My husband and I loved having her come to our home for workouts. She designed our exercises for our specific needs (I'm a dancer, my husband is a scientist recovering from a ski accident) and made sure that we both progressed toward our individual goals. She is a fantastic trainer and a lovely person! I recommend her highly.
- Alison H.

Can't say enough wonderful things about my workouts with Kristi! She's super down to earth, always supportive, open to mixing it up to meet my needs, and a total bad ass about whipping me into shape and keeping the workouts interesting.  She has an amazing amount of knowledge that she uses to guide me through eating clean and ensuring that the workouts were varied which kept me motivated and stopped me from plateauing.  Kristi's a friendly powerhouse of energy that will whip you into shape and give you some laughs while doing so.

- Brandi S.

Kristi is amazing! I am a professional dancer and I consider my body to be well-balanced, well-informed and relatively strong. She came to my house for a personal training session and challenged me (and muscle groups that I hadn't accessed in specific ways) in the most positive way.  The session was fun (if you like good challenges), she kept me super focused on what my body was saying/doing and she clearly communicate the exercises, goals, and the things I can do to improve my strength in various ways. I felt she was tuned in to what my body's needs were and was attentive to the details of how my body executed movement. 
As a dancer who has been injured a number of times and has his fair share of aches and pains, I really appreciated her focus on good body mechanics and quality of movement over quantity. Super important, in my opinion. 
I highly recommend Kristi!

- Dudley F.

Kristi is fun and knowledgeable.  I, by contrast, am whiny and hate to exercise.  But even I must admit that I am stronger and look a lot better since I started working out with Kristi.  We now meet 2x a week and the workouts are just hard enough to build muscle and stamina but not so hard that I dread them.  I have gotten 2 friends to work out with me and we are all getting into great shape.  Kristi is great!

- Kate S.

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