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About Kristi

I started weight training in 1998 and was amazed at the results I achieved.  I was able to increase my metabolism by building lean muscle and reshape my body to look more like an athlete.  Not long after, I started researching and implementing healthy lifestyle habits and was thrilled with the increase in my overall health.  

I was so excited at the monumental changes I was making in my health and fitness that I wanted to help others reap the benefits of reaching theirs as well!  So in the beginning of 2001 I became a certified personal trainer and I have been enjoying helping my clients better their quality of life ever since.

Kristi's Certifications

  • Personal Training Certification from ACE Fitness

  • CPR and AED certified from the American Heart    Association

  • 90 hours of re-certification study in fitness health, nutrition, and supplementation

  • 200 hours of self study in health, nutrition, and cleansing

  • BA in Television Broadcasting

Fun Facts About Kristi

  • If I'm not working, I'm either in the gym pumping iron or dancing.

  • I have a 7.5 lb. Yorkie named Bella who loves to play fetch. 

  • I am in a vintage dance troop called the Decobelles. 

  • I can squat my own body weight for 20 reps. 

  • I enjoy public speaking.

  • When I’m not being active, I like to read and knit.

  • Contemporary is my favorite form of dance.

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